All Clouston Classic windows are made of top quality kiln dried material, no finger-joint. Standard units are pine frame and sash with a redwood sill, however other types of wood are available.

All units are weather stripped with white or brown Q-Lon weather stripping.

Many choices of glass including single glazed, dual glazed or customer glass.


Double Hung Windows
Vertical sliding window with both sash operable. Acme Twin sash balance, truth latch and lift (No Plastic jamb liners)

Available Single-Double Hung, Double-Double Hung or Double-Double Hung with Center Fixed.



Sliding Windows
Horizontal sliding window available in 0X, X0, or X0X. Nylon wheels for quiet easy operation and truth latch.



Swing Out Casement Windows
Swing out window. Truth Casement operator, Latch and Hinge.

Also available in many configurations including single, mulled pair, rabbeted pairs, traditional Casement fastener, and friction hinge.



Swing In Casement Windows
Swing in window. Solid Brass Casement fastener, ball tip parliament hinge and surface bolton rabbetted pairs.

Available in many configurations including single, mulled pair, and rabbeted pairs.



Stationary Windows
Available in sash or direct Glaze. Manufactured to match any operable window.



Awning Windows
Swing out window hinged at top.
Truth operator and hinge also available with traditional Casement fastener and friction hinge.



Hopper Windows
Swing in window hinged at bottom.
Casement fastener and friction hinge.



Bay Windows
Flankers are available as Casement, Double Hung, and Stationary Sets.



Garden Windows
Available 1 Lite, Snap in Grid or True Devided. Standard Flankers are Casement for maximum ventilation.

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